According to data released by the Bulgarian Government, the total number infected with Coronavirus cases in Bulgaria amount to 1,165,807. This is the number after one thousand seven hundred and thirteen administered new tests and eighty new infections detected on this Saturday – 4th of June. Above sixty six percent of the latter were of unvaccinated people. The current test positivity rate is 4.67 percent.

As always, with 37 positive tests, the populous capital Sofia caps the list of new cases, followed by Varna and Burgas with just four positive cases accordingly.

There are currently 73,101 open cases. There are now 332 patients in the hospital, 31 of whom are in intensive care. Neither of the two hospital admissions had been vaccinated in any way.

The total number of medical professionals affected has climbed to 24,567.

Another twelve Coronavirus patients have recovered in the last 24 hours, increasing the total to above one million patients.

There were no fatalities due to COVID over the weekend.

Just fifty seven new vaccines were administered over the weekend, which brings the total number of vaccinated Bulgarians to 2,059,883.

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