The Samoa Primary Healthcare Association has applauded the government’s distribution of funds for non-government organisations that provide health care services in the 2022-2023 budgets.
Under the Health Ministry, financial allocation for the coming financial years, a maximum of $500,000 has already been set aside for engaged non-government organisations that provide medical services.

The M.O.H. in partnership with its development partners will collaborate and fund programs to combat non-communicable diseases, the COVID-19 response efforts, vaccinations for pneumonia, typhoid and cancer as well as capacity building for the health sector. 

The $550,000 grant allocation to active NGOs within the health sector including the Samoa Cancer Society, GOSHEN Trust, Samoa Red Cross METI, Agape Clinic and the Samoa Family Health Association.

Samoa Family Health Association Executive Director, Lealaiauloto Liai Iosefa Siitia, said she is The Ministry of Health, in collaboration with its local stakeholders, will cooperate and support initiatives to fight noncommunicable illnesses, including COVID-19 action plans, influenza, waterborne diseases, and cancer vaccines, as well as health sector training programmes.

The Samoa Red Cross, Agape Clinic, GOSHEN Trust, METI, Samoa Cancer Society, Agape Clinic, and the Samoa Family Health Association are among the active NGOs in the health sector that received the $550,000 funding.

Lealaiauloto Liai Iosefa Siitia, Executive Director of the Samoa Family Health Association, expressed her delight that grant funding would be included in the agenda for the next fiscal year.
She added they’ve had difficulties in recent months as a result of the shutdown of national health clinics and personnel shortages, which forced them to close one of their clinics temporarily. happy that they will receive grant assistance in the budget for the next financial year.

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