Recent Updates on Healthcare: From High Drug Prices to Unchanged Perinatal Mortality Rates

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Recent Updates on Healthcare: From High Drug Prices to Unchanged Perinatal Mortality Rates


In recent health news, the White House is utilizing 'march-in rights' to combat high drug prices by addressing drug patent laws. This move represents a significant stride in the government's effort to make healthcare more affordable and accessible for all Americans. The 'march-in rights' are a provision of the Bayh-Dole Act that allows the government to intervene when a patented invention, funded by public money, is not made available to the public on reasonable terms.


Replacing Lead Pipes Nationwide

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has announced plans to replace lead pipes nationwide over the next decade. Cited for multiple health benefits, this initiative aims to ensure cleaner and safer drinking water for millions of Americans, thereby reducing lead-related health risks such as cognitive impairment in children and cardiovascular diseases in adults.

Investigation into Manufacturing Facility


Meanwhile, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has initiated an inspection of an Ecuadorian manufacturing facility linked to adverse events from lead-laden cinnamon applesauce pouches. This step emphasizes the critical importance of food safety and the global efforts required to enforce it.

Healthcare Crisis in Southern Gaza

In international news, a hospital in southern Gaza is overwhelmed with blast injury cases, highlighting the devastating impacts of conflicts on healthcare systems and the urgent need for international aid and intervention.


Postponing the Ban on Menthol Flavoring

Health advocates accuse the Biden Administration of postponing the ban on menthol flavoring in cigarettes for political reasons. This delay could have significant public health implications, particularly among minority communities where menthol cigarettes are more popular.

Perinatal Mortality Rates and ICU Admissions


On the topic of maternal health, the perinatal mortality rates remained unchanged from 2020 to 2021. Furthermore, ICU admissions during hospitalization were more likely for Native American and Black mothers, underscoring health disparities that persist in the US.

The New England Journal of Medicine and Slavery

The New England Journal of Medicine recently launched a historical series covering its relationship with slavery, marking a significant step towards acknowledging and addressing the medical profession's historical entanglement with slavery.


Long-term Health Problems Caused by Childbirth

Researchers emphasize the long-term health problems caused by childbirth, such as pain during sexual intercourse, low back pain, and incontinence. These findings highlight the need for more comprehensive postpartum care and support for women.

Increasing Severity of Patient Symptoms


The American Psychological Association's recent survey revealed that patients are presenting with more severe symptoms than in the past, indicating a growing mental health crisis that demands prompt attention and intervention.

FDA Clearance for OSSIOfiber

In a significant development for pediatric orthopedics, OSSIOfiber bio-integrative fixation implants received FDA clearance for orthopedic surgery in patients ages 2 to 21. This innovative technology could revolutionize treatment options for young patients.


Affordable Care Act Health Insurance Marketplace

Nearly 7.3 million Americans have signed up for a 2024 Affordable Care Act Health Insurance Marketplace plan, with a quarter of them being new to the program. This trend demonstrates the persistent demand for affordable healthcare coverage.

Abortion Access in Wisconsin

Abortion rights were upheld in Wisconsin when a circuit court judge reaffirmed her ruling that a 1849 law does not outlaw abortion access in the state. This ruling marks a victory for reproductive rights advocates.

Cardiac Arrest Incident in New Hampshire and Utah Nurse Charged

In an ironic turn of events, a nurse learning about cardiac arrest in New Hampshire went into cardiac arrest herself during a practice session. In another incident, a Utah nurse faces charges of aggravated child abuse for alleged rough handling of a baby in the neonatal ICU.

Former U.K. Prime Minister's COVID Handling

Finally, former U.K. prime minister Boris Johnson apologized for his handling of the coronavirus crisis but denied being indecisive about implementing COVID restrictions. His statement opens up larger discussions about political leadership during health crises.

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