Bracing for the Winter Storm: What to Expect in the Northeast

Zara Nwosu
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Bracing for the Winter Storm: What to Expect in the Northeast

Winter Storm Set to Disrupt Northeast

A potent winter storm is set to make its mark across the Northeast between Monday and Tuesday. The forecast predicts a mix of snow, rain, and gusty winds for the affected areas, with up to a foot of snow expected in parts of Pennsylvania and upstate New York. The storm will bring relatively warm conditions compared to previous weeks but is poised to deliver the brunt of the nor'easter Monday evening, continuing into Tuesday morning.

Winter Storm Watches and Warnings Issued

The National Weather Service (NWS) has issued storm watches and warnings across various cities in the Northeast, urging residents to exercise caution while traveling. Specifically, intense rain is likely to pose a risk of coastal flooding in New Jersey and Long Island. The storm is expected to impact parts of Connecticut, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, Maine, and New Hampshire as well.

Snowfall Predictions Vary Across the Region

While there's a 14% chance of New York City seeing 6 or more inches of snow, the overall snowfall amounts vary across different parts of the state. For instance, the Catskills of eastern New York are expected to receive 6-10 inches of snow, while White Plains can anticipate just over an inch. New York City is likely to see up to an inch of snow on non-paved surfaces.

Impact on Commuting and Schools

The timing of the storm is set to disrupt the usual morning commute on Tuesday, potentially causing challenges for schools and businesses in the area. Travel chaos may ensue on some of the nation's busiest airports and roads. Moreover, dangerous travel conditions are expected due to slush and standing water freezing at night during the week.

Storm to Pull Away by Tuesday Night

By Tuesday night, the system is expected to pull away from New England, leading to more seasonable temperatures in the region. However, the after-effects of the storm are likely to persist, with blustery conditions and a noticeable chill forecast for Valentine's Day.

Strong El Niño Conditions and Mid-Winter Outlook

The storm is a reminder that winter is far from over in the Northeast. Strong El Niño conditions suggest the potential for more snow in the coming weeks. The forecast also suggests that the region may not see an early spring, as above-average temperatures and borderline rain-snow events are likely in February.

In conclusion, residents of the Northeast are advised to keep updated with local weather forecasts, plan ahead, and take necessary precautions to stay safe during this winter storm. And while the storm may disrupt usual routines, it's also an opportunity to appreciate the unique beauty of a Northeast winter.