The health ministry of Brazil has been notified of the eighth registered case of monkeypox in the country. This particular patient I a resident of Marica, and is a 25 year old male. He did not travel abroad of late but it is being reported that he had contact with foreigners. 

The Enterovirus Laboratory in Rio used a method called Viral Isolation to make this particular diagnosis and confirm the case. 

The Ministry of health released information that says that the patient is in a stable condition, does not have complications, and is being constantly monitored by the Institute of Infectious Diseases as well as the health departments of the municipality. 

The health Ministry informed the WHO of this case, and also said that all control and containment measures were immediately taken after the confirmation that it indeed was a monkeypox case. The patient was isolated and his contacts traced. 

So far, there are eight monkeypox confirmed cases in Brazil. Four are in Sao Paulo, two in Rio de Janerio, two in Rio Grande do Sul and six other cases are still being investigated. 

The seventh case happened to be confirmed on Friday (17th June) in Rio Grande Do Sul. 

The five people having contact with the monkeypox infected man in Rio de Janerio did not show symptoms as of this Saturday. 

Monkeypox was thought to be endemic in West and Central Africa, however in recent months, reports of this disease start4ed coming in from Europe and other places which are basically non-endemic countries and regions. The region of Europe is seeing 84% of reported cases as per the World Health Organization. 

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