The health ministry of Brazil announced that it had logged its seventh monkeypox case in the Rio Grande do Sul whilst there were reports from Minas Gerias that a suspected case of Monkeypox under surveillance there had come out negative. 

When it comes to the patient in Rio Grande do Sul, it’s a 34-year-old male from the city who travelled to Europe, now seems to have a stable condition, and has been placed in home isolation.

Rio Grande do Sul , Sao Paulo, and Rio de Janeiro are the three states where monkeypox has been seen, while other suspicious cases are being investigated.

The patient in Rio Grande do Sul, who is a student, was first treated at the Santa Casa Hospital in Ouro Preto and then transported to the Eduardo Menezes Hospital in Belo Horizonte on Tuesday after developing blisters, body rashes and fever. As soon as the patient is released from the hospital, Minas Gerais officials will keep an eye on the patient and the overall status of his health. 

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