BPJS Kesehatan screens health history to provide comprehensive health services to JKN participants. Health history screening is easy with the JKN Mobile App, BPJS Health Website, BPJS Health Chat Assistant (CHIKA), or when participants visit the FKTP.

Insurance director BPJS Kesehatan Lily Kresnowati said the agency is extending health screenings to boost preventive measures. In addition to avoiding illness risk or worsening, this is vital so FKTP’s primary services may be delivered to participants.

“BPJS Kesehatan makes it easier for participants to check their health history. All JKN participants, notably 15-year-olds, can follow this screening once a year. Every year, participants re-screen so we can track their health “said Lily.

Participants completed this health history assessment by answering questions about their health, family, and diet. Participants who have downloaded the JKN Mobile App will receive a notification or can immediately pick the Health History Screening feature. Participants who use BPJS Kesehatan CHIKA Chat Assistance on Whatsapp, Telegram, and Facebook Messenger @ 08118750400 can pick Health History Screening.

Participants who can’t use digital channels can get screened at the FKTP. When registering for FKTP, a notification for the Medical History Screening will appear in the FKTP P-Care Application, a service recording system.

Lily: “Registering is easy and takes less than 10 minutes, so it won’t slow down FKTP service.”

By examining participants’ medical histories, FKTP can help them manage diseases as early as feasible. This fits FKTP’s role as gatekeeper and care coordinator in improving participant health services.

This medical history assessment helps JKN participants detect the risk of chronic diseases such as Diabetes Mellitus, Hypertension, Chronic Kidney, and Coronary Heart as early as feasible. 14% of the 2.2 million participants screened for hypertension, 6% for coronary heart disease, 3% for chronic renal disease, and 3% for Diabetis Mellitus, according to the 2021 review.

“From this review, we’re committed to increasing the quality of preventive promotional services for JKN members in line with reforming primary health services in Indonesia. We’ll also encourage high-risk participants to see FKTP for treatment. The Chronic Disease Management Program (Prolanis) and Referback Program (PRB) will be used to monitor JKN-KIS individuals with chronic disorders,” Lily said.

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