Botswana has increased its surveillance for monkeypox following the discovery of the virus in Central and West African countries, as well as some European countries, according to an official on Monday.

Following the outbreaks of monkeypox, Botswana’s Ministry of Health’s public relations officer, Christopher Nyanga, stated that no cases had been detected in the southern African country.

“Botswana has yet to record a case of the disease despite these outbreaks, which began in the first weeks of May 2022 in traditionally non-endemic areas,” Nyanga said in a statement.

Monkeypox, according to Nyanga, is a disease caused by the monkeypox virus, which can spread from animals to humans. Monkeypox can also be passed from person to person through close physical contact with someone who has symptoms such as a rash or through contact with infected body fluids, respiratory droplets, and contaminated materials such as clothing and bedding, according to Nyanga.

Nyanga advised Batswana and all Botswana residents to be cautious and avoid close physical contact with others, adding that those who develop symptoms after visiting countries with monkeypox cases should seek treatment at the nearest local health facility.

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