After a “difficult” two years, more than 60 Botswana nurses will work for an NHS trust to fill vacancies.

Essex Partnership University NHS Foundation Trust (EPUT), which serves the countries Essex, Suffolk, and Bedfordshire, has announced plans to improve ” support staff and patient experience.”

The 66 nurses are expected to start work in August. According to the report, some have received mental and physical health training. “The last 2 years of the pandemic have been tough,” said Executive Nurse Professor Natalie Hammond.

“A strong nursing workforce enables us to provide safe care and meet the needs of our societies, and it is critical to realizing our vision of becoming the leading mental health and community care service provider.”

They will “decrease the number of vacant nursing positions at our trust, resulting in better patient satisfaction and more assistance for our current staff,” she added.

The trust provides mental health,  community health, and learning disability services in Essex and Suffolk, as well as immunization as well as some inpatient services in Bedfordshire.

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