The Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) Council of Ministers approved a Loan Agreement Proposal for the Improvement of Health Systems between BiH and the International Bank for Reconstruction and Development9IBRD)  for 67.3 million euros.

“The funds are intended for both entities,” the BiH Council of Ministers stated, “the Republika Srpska (RS) 48.060.000 euros and the Federation of BiH (FBiH) 19.240.000 euros, to improve the quality of health services and the financial condition of BiH’s health systems through more effective management of funds.”

The loan will be used, among other things, to improve the efficiency and quality of health care for BiH citizens. It will have a repayment period of 32 years, including a seven-year grace period.

The proposal will be submitted for further consideration to the BiH Presidency, with the Minister of Finance and Treasury proposed as the BiH signatory.

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