The Health Ministry of Samoa announced the availability of Covid-19 booster shots for the already vaccinated kids belonging to the 12-17 age group. 

The announcement was made by the Ministry via Facebook and included the list of centres such as the M.O.H. Health Center at Matagialalua, the E.P.I. building at Moto’otua, and the district hospitals from where the booster shots may be procured. The shots will be available from June 20th, Monday. 

Kids belonging to the 12-17 age can take the booster shot only after 6 months from their normal vaccination schedule. If any kid has contracted Covid, then the booster shots can be taken only after 3 months of testing negative. 

Also, those visiting the vaccination centre with any sickness will only be given the vaccination after full recovery. Parents must bring their kid’s vaccination cards and ensure they are properly masked during their visit to the vaccination centre. 

Parents must also make sure that their kids have eaten a meal and are hydrated before receiving the booster vaccines. 

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