35.68 percent of the Maldives’ eligible population has received booster doses against Covid-19.

Between May 29 and June 4, the Health Protection Agency (HPA) reported that 651 people received booster doses, 45 more people received first doses, and 91 more people received second doses, according to the latest figures issued on Monday.

A total of 161,562 people had received Covid-19 booster doses by the end of Saturday, which implies that 35.68 percent of the Maldives’ eligible population had received Covid-19 booster doses.

398,727 people have been vaccinated for the first time, with 384,274 receiving both doses.

In the Maldives, 88.06 percent of those who were eligible for vaccine doses had received the first dosage, and 84.87 percent had received both doses.

A total of 14,453 people have received the Covid-19 vaccine so far.

On June 4, the US government supplied 100,620 extra Pfizer vaccine pills to the Maldives.

The “safe” and “effective” vaccines are part of a bigger effort to assist the Maldives in combatting Covid-19 in conjunction with COVAX, as well as to assist Maldivians in receiving their booster shots, which will help prevent new infections and the spread of new strains.

The United States has donated 540,540 vaccine doses to the Maldives’ Covid-19 response efforts, making it one of the largest donors.

The HPA previously announced that the delivery of booster doses is now available to all people without an appointment.

Individuals will be required to bring their ID cards or other formal identification, to dress comfortably with easy access to their shoulders, to visit the vaccination centre alone, and to arrive after eating a full meal. They also can’t be sick or in quarantine.

Immunocompromised people, retirees, and frontline employees would all receive booster shots of the Covid-19 vaccine, according to the government.

Following the advice of the Maldives Technical Advisory Group on Immunization, frontline workers and individuals at high risk of Covid-19 issues who had received both doses of the vaccine were given booster shots.

Despite the fact that it boosted protection against infection and severe illness, HPA revealed that vaccination-induced immunity fades over time and that a booster dose is required to maintain immunity after six months.

Authorities are still urging individuals to receive their immunisation shots to help prevent virus complications.

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