Travelers to Bonaire have good news to celebrate!

The island has managed to maintain lesser number of Covid 19 cases especially over the previous months. Due to this, the official government has declared that the health certificate is no longer required to enter the borders of Bonaire. The only things that need to be packed all your luggage, joy and a lot of excitement. The island also issued a statement saying that they hope anyone travelling to exotic island does so without Covid -19 symptoms.

From 1st June, the travelers to Bonaire don’t require a health declaration. This implies that no specific necessities are needed for travelers to get a Visa for the island. All of this is credited to the control of the situation.

However, this can be reinstated if there is a new variant of Covid-19 that enters the island and causes a surge in the infections. Changes on travelling necessities will be seen case-by-case.

The citizens have been warned by the Public Health Department to keep a close look out on symptoms that resemble Covid-19. If there are any symptoms such as sore throat, cough, nose cold, fever then it is advised to take a medical appointment at the number 0800 0800.

Anyone suspected with Covid 19 should stay in isolation for about five days. Though their close contact or anyone around them are not expected to quarantine.

In case, there are travelling plans towards USA, the CDC needs an antigen test taken one day before departing. It is important to book an appointment and can be done so at centers such as Bon Bida antigen testing. 

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