In Bolivia, the 4th wave ended with a mortality rate of 0.7 %, contrasted to 6.2 % for the first.

Bolivian medical officials acknowledged the initiation of the 5th phase of Covid-19 in the South American nation on Monday.

“We are ending the 4th epidemiologic phase with a 0.7 percent mortality rate, which is much lower from what we recorded during the first wave, where we recorded a 6.2 percent case fatality rate,” said Jeyson Auza, Health minister and Athletics.

“The mortality rate in the new wave plummeted to 0.7 percent, more than 8 times lower than the 6.2 percent during the first wave,” Auza said. This is essential for the implementation of our National Vaccination Plan as well as our thorough Covid-19 policy.”

“This is not the result of genetic drift,” he said, “it is the result of more than 4.3 million tests obtained, it is the result of 18 state facilities working to conduct PCR testing.”

According to Auza, the result was made possible “due to an Inlasa equipped and trained to recognize the various Covid-19 variations, as well as 22.5 million doses procured to ensure immunization of 100% of our Bolivian people.”

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