The Bolivian Department of Health stated on Sunday that the nation is in the midst of a fifth wave of COVID-19 infections, as evidenced by an upsurge in instances in previous weeks. At a news conference, Bolivian Health Minister Jeyson Auza declared the start of the fifth epidemic wave.

According to the authority, 1,609 new confirmed cases were documented in the preceding statistical week, which is 308 more than just the previous week, La P, Tarija, Beni, Pando, and Oruro are the counties with the highest incidence of disease.

Bolivia, according to Auza, has a plan that enabled it to lower fatality even during 4th wave, thus efforts on “epidemiology, exactly as if we’re at the significant of the epidemic” would persist.

Latent infection instances have been documented at schools in Santa Cruz and La Paz in over the last week. According to the most recent official immunisation statistics, more than 55 percent of people has completed their vaccine schedule. Bolivia, which has a populace of 11.5 million people, has recorded 910,134 illnesses and 21,949 fatalities since the epidemic began in March 2020.

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