The COVID-19 pandemic has been going on for more than 2 years, and as new variations of the infection emerge and the world’s vaccine plan progresses, countries are experiencing distinct circumstances. According to Bolivian health officials, 203 new instances of Covid-19 patients and one death were documented that day, May 31.

Bolivia has accumulated a total of 908,862 coronavirus infections and 21,948 fatalities to date.

As of May 31, the coronavirus vaccination program in Bolivia had reached a total of 14,642,660 doses. 7,196,729 individuals received one dosage, while 5,960,012 individuals have indeed received both dosages. According to these figures, 65.51 percent of the population has gotten the very first dosage, while 54.26 percent has taken both dosages. Furthermore, 13.53 percent of people now have a booster.

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