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Independent global news reporters

We are an independent news network whose sole mission is to provide data-driven facts to our viewers. We believe that journalism should be free from constraints and limitations, and offer an honest window into the world today.

We’re reaching out

A growing news network

Our vision was to create the world’s most trusted source of news, which has now come true in the form of BNN. The Breaking News Network has grown in less than a year from an award-winning news organization to reaching millions of viewers worldwide. We are gradually expanding our brand through implementing new designs and resources and are continually updating our channels and reinvesting in technologies that reinforce and elevate our reputation to keep up with the fast-paced world.

Our Mission

We want to provide reliable intelligence so that communities can make sound decisions. Every day, we deliver factual data to empower millions of people around the world.

We ask the question:

‘How many of our problems could be solved if it weren’t for the media we consume?’.

News is important. Hearing other people’s stories is important. Finding out what’s happening around the world is important. But, all too often the information we receive through the media has been influenced and sways away from the complete version of truth.

This leads to problems. We’re living in a time where problems reported in the media turn into more problems across society. It’s a toxic vicious cycle that we’re working to break.

Our Values

The mission and values of our founder, Gurbaksh Chahal, are reflected in his desire to help humanity. We believe it is our long-standing obligation to establish ethical standards in journalism and insist on the highest integrity standards.

Our 4 core values:

  1. To report the news accurately and truthfully, without being influenced by anyone.
  2. To avoid actions or behaviors that could result in a conflict of interest.
  3. To never put our ability to report in jeopardy and to stay one step ahead of morality.
  4. To avoid bias and inaccuracy by our adhering to a strict set of standards and practices when gathering and delivering news.

A better way to consume the news

The version of the news people want to hear

People are becoming increasingly attuned to the fact that much of the media we consume is linear. Society wants the facts, but modern-day journalism can distract from the truth, creating unwanted noise and hearsay. Because of this, many choose to switch off from the news entirely.

We’re reinventing the way reporting and journalism exist in today’s society and offer a means of consuming independent news coverage.

BNN has quickly grown into a powerful brand

Our approach

Our high standards have contributed to our viewers’ trust. The company’s motto is “Become the Future of Breaking News” because it covers everything breaking news.

We objectively tell the world’s stories, whether they are about war, conflict, or politics.

By covering every story, every detail in every format, we have clearly demonstrated who we are and what we stand for.

Through compelling and effective journalism, we are able to reinforce our brand message of human empowerment.

Nothing but the truth can be found at BNN.

Our brand is evolving, and it responds to no one or nothing but the data or facts.

Meet Our Founder

Gurbaksh Chahal—Founder and Chairman

During the COVID-19 outbreak, Gurbaksh Chahal, a four-time successful entrepreneur, author, and philanthropist, felt the need for a factual, data-driven reporting network that would serve the masses with fast, accurate, and unbiased news in all formats. And thus, the (BNN) Breaking News Network was born.

Chahal is attuned to how journalism and news reporting can impact lives across the world.

From the age of 16, he has been building a successful career around utilizing ground-breaking technology to provide solutions that work to support businesses, communities, government authorities, and organizations across the globe.

In addition to revolutionizing the way news is delivered via BNN, Chahal is also the Chairman and CEO of three fast-growing companies: Medriva, ProcureNet, and RedLotus.

ProcureNet is shaping up the manufacturing world by connecting businesses, organizations, and government authorities to a worldwide, pre-approved network of on-demand manufacturers capable of producing sought-after commodities at rapid speed and scale.

Medriva is part of the ProcureNet family, using the platform’s technology to produce in-vitro test equipment and vaccine consumables to meet the world’s demand.

RedLotus offers entrepreneurs and businesses access to unique, patented technology that helps to offer a sophisticated approach to automating and leveraging data.

Chahal has always had a commitment to give back to society. In 2012, he founded The Chahal Foundation, a non-profit organization that supports disaster relief efforts, helps to fund the development of educational facilities across the world, and raises awareness of key social issues to create positive, impactful changes.