MEDVAC® Tube Series

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Evacuated Blood Collection Tubes

The MEDVAC® Tube Series family enhances sample quality while helping protect nurses, phlebotomists and other caregivers from costly accidental needle-stick injuries. The brand also helps reduce retests, recollects and instrument downtime to improve lab productivity and workflow.

Today, the gold standard in sample collection is the MEDVAC® Tube Series product family, which hospitals across the world rely on to enhance their sample quality and protect their nurses, phlebotomists and other caregivers from costly accidental needle-stick injuries. These products, backed by unrivaled customer support and training, help hospitals every day enhance lab productivity and workflow by reducing retests, recollects and instrument downtime.

Medriva’s MedVac® Gel & clot activator tube are used in blood collection and storage for biochemistry and immunology.

MEDVAC® Tube Series

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MEDVAC® Tube Series are made of a special formulation of the plastic, polyethylene terephthalate (PET). This special formulation is extremely strong, dimensionally stable, and resistant to chemicals and breakage.

MEDVAC® Tube Series tubes are irradiated to achieve sterility. These tubes are sterile on the interior only. We cannot recommend re-re-sterilising the tubes, i.e., ETO (ethylene oxide) or autoclaving, primarily due to pressure changes that take place during the re-sterilization cycle. Our tubes are under a specific negative pressure. During the re-sterilization cycle this negative pressure may be disrupted and therefore the tubes may not draw the proper blood volume.

MEDVAC® Tube Series are coated with silicone and micronized silica particles to accelerate clotting. A silicone coating reduces adherence of red cells to tube walls. The silica coating can sometimes cause the inner tube wall to appear cloudy and/or filmy. This cloudy appearance does not make the tubes unacceptable for use.

MEDVAC® Tube Series blood collection tubes are packaged 100 tubes/box and 1,000 tubes/case (10 boxes).

Medriva is built on protection. We strive to achieve patient health. And we’ll get there using innovation, product development, and the most advanced R&D team.