Belize alongside nations like Germany, Senegal, and US will be part of a global summit which is said to be a huge help in improving the current epidemic i=conditions in the respective nations. 

According to recent WHO projections, the body count from COVID-19 in 2020 and 2021 was just under 15 million, a depressing recall of the pandemic’s human cost. It’s natural – but incorrect – to believe the crisis is over because reported instances are declining globally. This is not the time to relax; rather, it is the time to step up your efforts. This meeting provides leaders with the chance to post the pandemic’s final chapters — an opportunity they cannot afford to pass up.

Governments must embrace this chance to increase the funds and political will needed to meet global targets for COVID-19 vaccination coverage, screening rates, and therapy access, particularly oral antiviral drugs and oxygenation. These goals must be met in order to terminate the pandemic by limiting spread and safeguarding everybody from COVID-19’s dangers.

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