According to an announcement made by Health Minister Chris Fearne on Tuesday, children who are under the age of 12 will no longer be required to take a PCR test in order to enter Malta beginning on June 6th.

In addition to this, he declared that the social distancing limits that are now in place at childcare facilities would be lifted on the same day.

Fearne was the one who disclosed the information in parliamentary proceedings.

Even though the last significant constraints had been eased, he reported that the situation with COVID-19 had remained unchanged for the last several weeks. The number of infections continued to go down, and the percentage of hospitalizations did not significantly increase.

Due to the fact that children under the age of 12 would not have been vaccinated, a negative PCR test result was required in order for them to be admitted to Malta up to this point. The minister noted that beginning on June 6, this provision would no longer be applicable.

In addition to this, childcare centers will once again begin functioning in accordance with the criteria of their respective licenses.

An association that represents childcare centers voiced its opposition to the lifting of the social distancing requirements last week. The association argued that the lifting of these requirements should have happened a long time ago, considering that similar measures have been lifted for other industries.

A satisfactory response to the second booster shot.

In addition, the minister said that there has been a very positive response to the administration of the second booster shot. At this time, the vaccination is being made available to everyone who is 65 years of age or older, as well as those who are susceptible.

The minister said that close to sixty percent of people who were offered to take the vaccination had accepted the invitation, which was the greatest acceptance percentage in Europe and maybe the globe. As of Tuesday, around 22,000 individuals have completed the second booster, which represents an increase over the figure of 20,000 completed on Sunday.

According to him, recent research had shown that the elderly saw a rise in immunity after receiving the second booster, with almost no adverse effects.

Those individuals who had missed their appointment for the second booster were asked to call the 145 hotline in order to schedule a new appointment.

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