On Thursday (June 2), Malaysia’s Health Minister, Khairy Jamaluddin, stated that the “entire circumstances” of the COVID pandemic recovery must be considered in the 15th General Election (GE15).

There was “no increase in the number of COVID instances” because of the recent state elections in Johor, Sarawak, and Melaka, he said.

However, he cautioned that when deciding whether to hold a general election, Malaysia must also take the economy and the livelihoods of the people into account.

When it comes to public health, we could have prepared for an election. However, I don’t believe that public health is the only lens through which to view the problem. Recovery in Malaysia must be considered in its entirety.

Not only is Malaysia’s public health and economy just beginning to recover, but the livelihoods of its citizens are also beginning to recover.” So, even though inflation is on the rise, we want to wait until the recovery has gained before considering holding a general election,” Mr Khairy explained.

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