The Medical Center of Bahrain (KBMC) opened a state-of-the-art dialysis facility yesterday. It has 10 machines for dialysis, 2 isolation rooms, and 3 private rooms. 

The official opening of this clinic also revealed plans for a comprehensive kidney care program.

“Our treatment facilities focus on preventive services, but dialysis is also vital”, said CEO Doctor. Sheriff Sahadulla.

The center for dialysis combines KIMS’ regional expertise with nephrologists certified from the US and accredited with the ARCG in Jordan. 

KIMS chairman, Ahmed Jawahery said they hope to expand the said program to perform reasonably priced kidney transplants.

He said the center will offer state-of-the-art dialysis care overseen by US Board-certified healthcare practitioners accredited to the ARCG.

This facility has modern dialysis equipment, qualified technicians as well as nurses, along with a pleasant ambiance.

Patients can now access hemodialysis in an outpatient setting which is community-based.

Isolation rooms ensure those who have communicable diseases receive medical treatment without infecting others.

ARCG co-founder Dr. Issa Kawalit: “We take an inter-disciplinary approach towards dealing out premium and reasonable treatment of an international standard.”

“Patients’ well-being includes physical and mental health”

Dieticians and social workers will be on hand to help sick people with kidney-related heart conditions, said Dr. Kawalit.

Dr. Muhannad El-Twal also said that dialysis patients receiving treatment at the clinic will get immediate psychological, medical, and financial evaluations. 

Dr. Muhannad El-Twal also wants to treat kidney problems before they progress to ESRD.

Mr. Jawahery has said KIMSHEALTH is working in conjunction with the Health Ministry of Bahrain to carry out kidney transplants. 

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