Dr. Michael Darville, the health minister of Bahamas, claimed that the government is searching for professional medical staff to aid in building the telemedicine platforms and converting medical records to digital. 

In the World Health Assembly yesterday, he remarked how Hurricane Dorian had been shattering and the pandemic forced the health care into a very challenging direction. 

Bahamas is known to be a tiny archipelagic nation that constitutes 700 islands and is dedicated to peace. While it’s renowned for its exotic, beautiful beaches that stretch for miles and miles, these have become an obstruction in being able to deliver health services across the 34 islands. 

The combined destruction that the hurricane and the pandemic have brought quite a few challenging issues in the way. Hurricane Dorian was the reason of a massive destruction of health care facilities in two islands that further caused health crisis. While this was being healed, the pandemic followed which made it even harder to respond to multi-island health needs. 

However, presently the rebuilding is in the process along with better schemes being developed for delivering health care effectively. The hurricane was a lesson to strengthen the amenities before it’s too late.   

The health minister said, “But in the midst of these intense challenges, my country remains committed to the WHA global agenda to promote economic recovery and to revitalize health care delivery systems through universal health care.”

Even with all these devastations, the Bahamas are dedicated to the WHA global goals to encourage economic recovery and refurbish the delivery systems universally. In order to prevent the spread of communicable or non-communicable diseases its important to have ideal financial resources, manpower, apt medicines and diagnostics. This can be ensured through proper national health insurances and food security. 

The government has been putting in efforts to recruit the best specialists and professionals that will aid in building the telemedicine platforms and making medical records digital. Through the introduction of wellness programmes, the consequences of COVID-19 and non-communicable diseases can be reduced. WHA has fixed the goal of at least vaccinating 70% of the world against COVID. Bahamas is struggling to get its purpose fulfilled and there are currently free vaccines distributed. For the hurricanes, climate-resilient health plans are in place. The best solution though as is for all islands developing is to reduce carbon footprints.

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