The Bahamas Health Ministry has released a statement concerning a possible Monkeypox outbreak:

“A potential case of Monkeypox has been identified in The Bahamas. A male, international visitor to the island who was diagnosed with symptoms consistent with Monkeypox visited a health practitioner. Health & Wellness Minister Dr. Michael R. Darville stated that the Disease Surveillance team has been informed, and samples were collected from the patient for further analysis. He also stated that the patient was in isolation and has been receiving treatment.

“The Ministry said that Monkeypox cases are anticipated to increase across the world owing to ‘human-to-human’ transmission, but it is a manageable health problem. Skin rash, fever, headache, backache, swelling in the lymph nodes, chills, and fatigue are all symptoms of monkeypox. A body rash generally appears within one to three days after a fever sets in. Symptoms can last for two to four weeks on an average. The disease’s mortality rate is low, ranging between three and six percent of infections.

“The safety precautions that help to limit COVID-19 transmission are also effective against the Monkeypox infection. People have been told to follow instructions, which include: cleaning and disinfecting surfaces on a regular basis, washing hands properly using soap and water, employing an alcohol-based hand sanitizer when soap and water are not available, and keeping physical distance from others, particularly if you feel unwell.

“If you or someone you know has Monkeypox, immediately go to your physician’s office or the nearest public health clinic for a check-up. Beginning 2018, reports of this illness have been trickling into the National Disease Surveillance Unit. You can get in touch with them from Monday to Friday from morning 9 to evening 5 at 604-9090/604-9091, or after hours at 376-4705, 376-3809/376-3970.”

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