An estimated $475 million has been set aside by the Azerbaijani government to reduce the risk of transmission of COVID-19 by the year 2021. Most of the money came from the state budget reserve fund and the mandatory medical insurance fund, according to the Minister of Finance, Samir Sharifov.

Last year, according to Sharifov, $153 million had been set aside to combat the epidemic; however, it was later discovered that this amount was not adequate for full-scale efforts to be implemented.

350 million manats ($206 million) were allotted to fighting COVID-19 in the budget for 2022. Azerbaijan has also helped battle the epidemic by providing humanitarian and financial aid to over 30 nations, including those in the Non-Aligned Movement. In addition, the government provided the WHO with a $10 million donation.

In February 2020, Azerbaijan recorded its first Covid-19 case. It has since spread to approximately 793,000 individuals across the country, 9,712 of whom have died.

Since the beginning of mass vaccination in January 2021, more than 13.7 million vaccinations against COVID-19, including Pfizer-BoNTech, Sputnik V, and CoronaVac, as well as Vaxzevria have been delivered in the country.

May 2022 saw daily COVID-19 infections not surpass 16, with one case a day being the lowest. Hospitals are currently treating 45 individuals with active coronavirus infections.

Moreover, the reduction in daily COVID-19 infection encouraged Azerbaijani authorities to reduce pandemic restrictions. Medical masks are no longer obligatory to use in any indoor spaces beginning on May 1, 2022. PCR results are no longer necessary for travel to Azerbaijan as of April 15. Air travel is permitted for visitors from 87 countries. Despite this, the country’s land boundaries remain accessible to both entering and leaving travellers.

Traveling to Azerbaijan during this year’s COVID-19 pandemic has been deemed mostly risk-free by the CDC. They have ranked this country as one of the safest destinations for travel during the coronavirus epidemic. 

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