The recent increase in flu cases across the country and other respiratory problems, such as colds and COVID, are expected to cause Australia’s blood supplies to drop to their lowest point since the pandemic began. because of an increase in flu infections, several planned blood donation appointments were postponed or did not attend at all.

A person healing from COVID-19 should wait seven days before donating blood.

Although it is currently illegal in Australia for bisexual, gay, and transgender men and women who have recently engaged in sexual relations with men to donate blood, activists are advocating for this to be changed.

Over the next week, the Australian Red Cross Lifeblood needs 17,500 blood donors to assist replenish its supply of A, O, and B blood categories.

The organization claims that by the middle of the week, it will only be short of supplies for “two days”.

Cath Stone, a Lifeblood representative, reported a high number of cancellations and no-shows.

This time around, “we’re seeing a new wave of cold, and flu spread over the country,” she said.

“Now we’re starting to feel the squeeze,” says one employee.

Anyone who is eligible to donate and is in good health is urged to make an appointment with Ms Stone.

“Many people in the hospital rely on blood for anything from cancer treatment to surgery to complex births. Each donation of blood can save the lives of up to three people “Those were the words of Ms. Stone.

After seven days of being symptom-free from COVID-19, anyone who desires to donate blood should do so.

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