Australian government has responded to an appeal for help made by Ukraine by donating $5.1 million to overcome the crisis created by Russian invasion four months ago. About 10,000 donors have pooled together and sent aid to people, including medical supplies sent to Europe and distributed by volunteers inside Ukraine.

Sydney Company Device Technologies offered 140 sterile packs with metal plates and screws to Ukrainian hospitals last week to treat up to 750 patients with severe bone injuries.

Donations soared after the February 24 invasion but dipped as the war continued, prompting appeal organisers to admit donor “fatigue.”

Stefan Romaniw, of Australian Federation, believed that Australia must be watchful to avert Ukraine weariness. The world wins if Ukraine wins. Ukraine’s loss is ours. We must fight.”

Liz Paslawsky, chair of Medical Aid for Ukraine, coordinates a group of civilian volunteers in Australia and Europe who deliver supplies from 60 hospitals and healthcare companies.

Paslawsky said Australian donors have donated $2 million in medical supplies, enough for 200 pallets.

The Australian Federation of Ukrainian Organizations, Rotary Australia, and Caritas Ukraine launched the Ukraine Crisis Appeal in 2015 and have increased their efforts since February. Tax-deductible donations

Paslawsky said the need for medical supplies is growing because chronic disease patients can’t get basic medication in parts of Ukraine.

“We are forever grateful for so many Australians’ generosity, support, and kindness,” she said.

The U.S. sent Ukraine medical supplies, military equipment, and 20 Bushmaster armoured vehicles.

Anthony Albanese said he’s considering Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky’s invitation to visit Kyiv.

According to the Ukraine Support Tracker developed by the Kiel Institute for the World Economy in Germany and updated on June 16, governments have pledged €85 billion ($128 billion) to Ukraine since January 24.

Only 17% of Ukraine’s financial commitments have been paid. Some countries, like Germany or the US, have delivered less than half of their weapons, the report said.

Australia has promised 20 more Bushmasters and 14 APCs. After adding up Australia’s financial, military, and humanitarian commitments, Kiel analysts ranked it 15th out of 38 countries, behind Greece and ahead of Latvia.

A recent report on aid to Ukraine found that local volunteers did more “organic” humanitarian work meeting the needs for local networks like Paslawsky’s to distribute medical supplies.

In the first six weeks after the invasion, local actors organised and implemented almost all humanitarian aid in Ukraine, according to a June report.

Volunteer groups have sprung up across the country, especially in war-torn areas.

Typically, a small group of friends and associates pool money from their pockets and other resources, such as vehicles and relevant know-how, to meet local needs for household and shelter items.

Romaniw hoped Albanese would visit Ukraine to support Zelensky. “Don’t get Ukraine fatigue and keep giving us weapons. Churchill said, “Give us the weapons, and we’ll do the job.”

“People undervalue Australia.” If Albanese was in Kyiv, it would be a huge statement that someone travelled thousands of kilometres to support us.

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