When 51.6 percent of Bolivians were vaccinated, the director of health encouraged the public to get protected as the key step to controlling the infection.

The Andean nation has recorded 3,097 new positive patients within the last three consecutive weeks.

Bolivia’s Health minister and Athletics, Jeyson Auza, cautioned on Monday that the fifth wave of Covid-19 might arrive in the days ahead, citing a rise in cases, which totaled 1,301 in the nation in the previous week.

According to the director of the health portfolio, this result implies a 21 percent growth in the disease’s occurrence over the preceding week.

At a media briefing, a top official indicated that Bolivia is suffering an acceleration for the third week in a row, primarily in the counties of Santa Cruz (16%), La Paz (20%), Oruro (22%), Tarija (31%), and Chuquisaca (394%).

However, certain locations have seen decreases in infections, such as Beni, which has had a 25% fall in infectious diseases, Cochabamba (5), and Potos (44); Pando, on the other hand, has remained stable, with no change in illnesses.

To combat the spread of the coronavirus in the country, the Director of Health and Sports asked for responsible adherence to prevention strategies and close supervision of the entire epidemic strategy.

Similarly, Auza stated that 91.3 percent of Covid-19-related deaths in Bolivia are due to patients who have not been vaccinated against the Sars-Cov-2 virus; as a result, he prompted Bolivians to prudently connect the four doses of the vaccine available in health centers as part of the government’s National Vaccination Plan to combat the illness.

Bolivia has documented 908,525 infections of the Sars-Cov-2 virus and 21,947 deaths since the first incidence was reported in 2020, with 51.06 percent of people fully vaccinated.

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