An increase in incidence of four diseases over the previous year, the Health Protection Agency (HPA) recommended individuals to remain vigilant and adopt preventative measures.

Dengue fever, the common cold, influenza, diarrhoea, and vomiting are the most common ailments this year, according to the HPA.

In April of this year, 92 dengue cases were reported, with 32 of these occurring in the penultimate week of the month.

A total of 185 incidents were reported in May, with 73 of these occurring in the penultimate week of the month.

As a precaution, the HPA recommends covering oneself as much as possible, using insect repellent and locking doors and windows early in the morning and late at night. They also cautioned against leaving objects such as water-holding cans littered on the streets.

Drinking more fluids, using paracetamol, and seeing a doctor if the fever lasts more than three days are some of the home remedies recommended for those suffering from the condition.

There were 12,978 cases of the common cold reported in April, but only 4,105 cases in May.

The number of individuals tested in May after presenting with influenza symptoms was greater than in April, according to the HPA. They also said that four of the samples they tested were positive.

To prevent the transmission of the common cold, the CDC recommends covering one’s mouth and nose when sneezing, practising proper hygiene, and washing hands often.

The frequency of diarrhoea cases reported has risen dramatically since 2021. In April, there were 1,575 cases reported, but by May, that number had risen to 1,824.

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