As per the Department of Health’s new upgrade on coronavirus illnesses, the number of incidents of covid-19 has risen by 207 percent within last nine days in El Salvador (MINSAL).

As per government statistics, there are currently 1,058 current cases of covid-19 in El Salvador, up 207 percent from last May 26, whenever the MINSAL recorded 346 sick patients at the same period.

According to the Department of Health, there are 400 silent individuals, 355 steady patients, 271 individuals with a mild infection, and at least twenty – four individuals in severe situation among the more than 1,000 current occurrences of covid-19 at this moment.

Furthermore, as per official records, at least 8 persons have such a prognosis of “restricted” since their health is in jeopardy. The MINSAL has stated that no individuals are in serious condition since last report.

With this newest report of covid-19 occurrences, the number of new cases has risen tremendously, from 346 to 1,058; however, the prevalence of the symptoms has increased as well.

The overall number of significant and urgent cases recorded till May 26 was 16, but that number has now risen to 32, more than doubling the number of patients significantly afflicted and in critical situation as a result of SARS-CoV2 infections.

The Department of Health has been updating data on coronavirus cases infrequently, with gaps of 15 days to two months between updates.

The Healthcare portfolio registered 163,735 confirmed cases of SARS-Cov-2 infection through June 4 at 10:35 p.m. 4,132 persons died as a result of the sickness, whereas 158,545 recovered.

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