Recent COVID-19 cases reported in Saudi Arabia have stayed below the appalling 1,000-mark. Last Friday, only 932 COVID-19 positive cases were recorded in the country, in 24 hours. 

This comes at a time when cases of coronavirus in the Saudi Kingdom had been fluctuating close to the 500-mark before rapidly upsurging above the 1,000-mark for the first time since February 20, this year, much to the shock and horror of medical personnel and the general population. 

Rising COVID-19 cases would require strict restrictions to re-enter daily lives, on the contrary, no one prefers such measures to be enforced again in the country. 

According to a statement from the Ministry of Health in Saudi Arabia, two people passed away as a result of virus-related complications yesterday. This brings the total number of confirmed coronavirus cases in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to 776,137 and the virus-related deaths in the country to 9,167.

As per the Health Ministry, a total of around 659 people have regained their normal health and recovered from the disease over the past 24 hours, raising the figure of recoveries since the outbreak of the deadly virus to 758,188.

Among the COVID-19 active cases in the Kingdom, 99 are presumed to be falling under critical condition. The total number of COVID-19 vaccination doses administered across the vast nation has reached 66,288,539.

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