Armenia has been selected for the first time to the General Committee of the WHO (World Health Organization), as revealed by the Health Ministry yesterday.

The 75th World Health Assembly named Armenia  to be a member of its General Committee.

The General Committee has 25 members. The Committee, in cooperation with the WHO Director General, is responsible for the following tasks:

  • It ensures the place and time of all the plenary sittings, along with sittings of main committees as well as the sittings of different committees in the course of the session.
  • Deliberates and fixes the activity sequence for every plenary session
  • Proposes items of agenda to the senior Health Assembly
  • If deemed necessary, the committee will go ahead and transfer agenda issues to and from different committees. 
  • Makes reports on the different agenda additions
  • Deliberates upon the postponement of sessions
  • Offers help and sees to the implementation of each session

The inclusion of Armenia to the WHO General Committee is a vote of confidence to the small country, showing that it is capable of tackling health issues of a global nature like the COVID 19 pandemic. It is a shot in the arm for Armenia as it takes the seat alongside big countries that are far more advanced than them. 

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