In the vaccination campaign against COVID-19, Argentina has administered a total of 103,296,882 doses as of June 4th. Of these, 40,799,514 doses represent the initial application and 37,495,714 are indicative of the completed dosage. In addition, 25 million individuals received a booster dose to help prevent coronavirus infection. Buenos Aires, Santa Fe, and Córdoba lead the list of provinces with the most vaccinations administered, with a total of 17,541,141 doses. 

However, if the proportion of people immunized against COVID-19 is compared to the total population of each district, CABA comes out on top with a score of 272.90 percent, followed by La Pampa with 264.81 percent and Saint Louis with 255.67 percent. When it comes to the percentage of residents who have been vaccinated with both doses, Santiago del Estero takes first place with 97.90 percent, followed by CABA with 94.96% and in third place, La Pampa with 92.85%.

In the world, how many individuals have been vaccinated against coronavirus?

The number of coronavirus vaccines being used in Argentina right now is six, with three produced by China’s Sinopharm and Beijing, Pfizer/Biontech and Moderna, are American products, Covishield is from India. Sputnik V was created in Russia.

Covid vaccines in the world

As of June 4, the coronavirus vaccination campaign in Argentina has included 103.29 million doses, with 40,799,514 individuals receiving only one dose and 37,495,714 individuals already having both doses. From these figures, it’s clear that 89.85 percent of the population received the first vaccine and 82.47 percent have received the double dose. 

Argentina has a total of 103,296,882 doses in applications. Top 10 nations in terms of COVID sales is as follows:: 

China – 3,382,178,000;

India – 1,936,227,419; 

US – 588,223,208;

Africa – 512,901,737; 

Brazil – 441,279,964; 

Indonesia – 401,308,016; 

Japan – 280,973,913; 

Bangladesh – 261,364,230; 

Pakistan – 249,539,017;

Vietnam – 221,558,297;

If we look at population density, 82.47% Argentines have two doses and place it in position 30 in the world ranking. Likewise – 

Maldives – 111%; 

Malt – 110%; 

Brunei – 102%;

Qatar – 100%; 

UAE – 98%; 

Chile – 96%; 

Samoan – 95%; 

Cambodia – 91%;

Chinese – 91%;

Singapore – 90%;

Coronavirus today: number of cases and deaths

As of June 4, there were 428 new cases and no fatalities in Argentina. The Health Ministry publishes these figures on a daily basis.

Since the start of the epidemic, 9,060,923 cases of infection, 128,344 fatalities and 8,897,661 recoveries have been recorded in the country by WHO. The provinces with the most active cases are Buenos Aires, with 3,549,955 instances, CABA with 1,022,183 instances, and Córdoba, with 968,747 instances.

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