In honor of International Children’s Day, Angola marked the occasion with the launch of a new assisted maternity and children hospital with a reproduction facility in the area of Camama in Luanda, the capital of the country.

The Dr. Pedro Azancot Menezes hospital based in southern Luanda was inaugurated by the country’s president, Joao Lourenço.

Slvia Lutucuta, the Health Minister, said the initiative is part of the government’s commitment to health care reform, which involves the admission of 33,000 new healthcare professionals and a massive expansion of health care infrastructure across the country.

He was certain that the new Camama health unit will contribute significantly to the availability of high-value services for the community, in particular, young people women, and children, because of its qualities and importance.

A reference center in medical terms, for assisted reproduction methods, the hospital will establish in vitro fertilization in the coming days, she revealed, whose legal authorization in Angola is still being resolved in the country.

It will also focus on education as well as scientific research in addition to maternal and neonatal care.

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