Travel updates for American Samoa and COVID-19 limitations

This website displays current COVID-19 standards for American Samoa, but please with local government before booking.

In order to enter American Samoa

American Samoa does not allow international travel. Citizens and inhabitants of American Samoa are exempt.

Excellent travel

General public and citizens of American Samoa, as well as other approved persons, must acquire authorisation from the American Samoan Government at least 3 weeks before leaving using the TALOFAPASS portal.

A confirmed flight reservation must be supplied as proof.

Other constraints

Travelers must remain in Honolulu for 5 days before to departure in order to complete the pre-departure testing requirements.

Vaccination is necessary.

Travelers must have a valid international certificate for complete immunisation against COVID-19 using an authorised vaccine. The last dosage must be taken at least 14 days before travel.

A quarantine is necessary.

Travelers must be quarantined for up to 14 days upon arrival.

  • A medical/test certificate is necessary.

On departure, proof of a negative PCR test obtained within the preceding 5 days must be supplied.

A second PCR test must also be performed in Honolulu 48 hours before departure.

  • Other medical interventions

On departure, all passengers are subjected to health screening, which includes temperature checks and a visual examination.

  • Additional documentation is necessary.

A ‘final health questionnaire’ must be completed on the TALOFAPASS site within 24 hours before departure, and the QR code produced must be shown prior to boarding.

  • The last health questionnaire

For further information, please see American Samoa Website

  • Governmental actions

Between the hours of 9 p.m. and 4:30 a.m., a national curfew is in place. Furthermore, indoor public meetings are restricted to a maximum of 100 individuals. has information on the COVID-19 response in American Samoa.

The use of masks

Face masks are compulsory in all public, enclosed, and public transit areas.

  • Public transportation

The public transit system is running normally.

  • Restaurants

Restaurants may exclusively provide takeout or delivery services. There is no on-site eating.

  • Bars

To control the pace of transmission, bars must stay closed.

  • Nightclubs

To restrict the rate of transmission, nightclubs must stay closed.

  • Shops

Essential businesses and services are open from 5 a.m. to 8 p.m., with customised safety measures in place, such as hand sanitizer and social separation. Non-essential enterprises must stay closed to decrease transmission rates.

When you return,

Vaccinations and immunizations

Travellers who provide a valid certificate for complete COVID-19 immunisation with an authorised vaccine are excused from pre-departure test requests.

Immunization exemptions will be granted if the complete dosage and certificate be obtained in India, the United Kingdom, the United States, or another designated country. has a complete list of permitted vaccinations and issuing countries.

A medical/test certificate is necessary.

Non-vaccinated passengers must provide documentation of a negative RT-PCR test within the prior 72 hours before departure.

Arrival testing

On arrival, all passengers are subjected to randomise COVID-19 testing.

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Check before you go.

Some nations’ entry restrictions may be less stringent if you are completely immunised against COVID-19. Because not all vaccinations are approved everywhere, please verify with your local government before travelling.

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