Ilir Meta, President of the Republic, has stated that improving global public health is a priority in order to avoid future pandemics. According to the president, Albania’s priority as a member of the UN Security Council is to help strengthen the WHO as the world’s leading authority on health.

The president made the remarks today at a global forum in Baku, Azerbaijan. Better global coordination was required for early warning systems, transmission tracking, vaccine sharing, and inter-state cooperation, according to Meta.

“Improving global public health is a critical priority if future pandemics are to be avoided.

Improved global coordination is essential for early warning and tracking systems, vaccine, medicine, and equipment sharing, relocation of critical medical products and equipment, and interstate cooperation in health care, medical research, and biotechnology.

As a member of the United Nations Security Council, Albania’s priority is to help strengthen the World Health Organization as the leading authority on global health, as it is at the heart of the global health architecture, ” according to President Meta.

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