According to the World Organization for Animal Health (OIE) in Paris, pigs in Nepal have been diagnosed with African swine flu. According to the Kathmandu Post newspaper, it has killed 934 pigs in six towns in the capital city.

As of Thursday evening, a global animal health and welfare organization reported that African swine flu has expanded to 1,426 susceptible and 1,364 active cases in Nepal. According to the Nepalese journal, declaring the first outbreak is still premature. A government official in Nepal verified the epidemic, according to The Post. More details will be revealed at a press conference on Friday.

Many governments rely heavily on pig sales to earn revenue. The spread of ASF, which has devastated family-run pig farms, has ruined people’s livelihoods and opportunities for advancement. ASF remains a threat to pig health and welfare worldwide. The disease has spread to Asia, the Caribbean, Europe, and the Pacific Oceans, affecting both domestic and wild pigs. Since 2005, ASF has been found in 73 countries throughout the world.

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