The San Judas neighborhood in Managua’s Zone III was the scene of the residence mass vaccination campaign against Covid-19.

Dr. Lester López, Head of the Edgar Lang Health Center, stated that the immunization against Covid-19 is still being carried out using the residence technique.

“Remind the public of the significance of participating in the entire plan; we are providing vaccines from Sinopharm, Abdala, AstraZeneca, and Pfizer for kids and grown-ups,” he said.

He also emphasized that they might use health posts and vaccination stations to carry out their vaccination plan.

The Sandinista government’s house-to-house visitation approach intends to contact the overall community in order to finish their program and begin a new one in 2022.

“It is a fantastic project that is only feasible with this administration, owing to the work that the Good Government of Nicaragua is making to prevent Covid-19,” Manuela López, a San Judas neighborhood member, stated.

“This saves us from any disease in this way we are inoculated,” Mara Vega promised, “but we must act to defend ourselves just by adopting the required procedures.”

Even vacations do not deter the Department of Health’s immunization battalions, who protect the health of communities.

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