“Action Sida Martinique” is inviting the public to the Cite’ DIllion in Fort De France in connection with the first iteration of their “the week for the promotion of sexual health”. The Government explains this week as an international approach to positively approach sexuality and is not confined only to the health-related aspects. It includes elements like respect for others and oneself, procreation, and/or pleasure.

This sexual health week celebration is in furtherance of the National Sexual Health Strategy adopted by the government from 2017-to 2030. The strategy aims to improve sexual health by changing the national guidelines and promoting positive sexuality among the different ministries.

The main goals include:

  • Raising awareness about sexual health, especially among youngsters
  • To improve health infrastructure to handle Sexually transmitted diseases such as HIV and viral hepatitis
  • Bettering reproductive health
  • Identifying and fulfilling the needs of the vulnerable sections
  • Promoting innovation, knowledge, and research in Sexual health

The government has adopted ” a “fight against discrimination and xenophobia ” as the theme for this iteration. The concerned people actively trying to promote a global positive approach to sexual health.

From this Thursday, June 2 2022 from 10 a.m to 5 p.m., the Action Sida Martinique will be open to the public at ( 267, avenue du Dr. Maurice Monrose – Cité Dillon Squadra C1 at Fort de France ).

Action SIda Martinique has its HQ at Cité Dillon in Fort-de-France. It aims to promote awareness among the citizens against discrimination and xenophobia.

Awareness of the dangers of sexual contact

Action Sida Martinique also offers “actions to prevent and encourage screening for STIs and HIV among a large and varied public”. It also makes a catalog of training in sexual health available to professionals and volunteers in the medico-social sectors.

The island’s unique documentary center also offers “targeted solutions, particularly to assist sexual risk awareness initiatives,” according to its website. AIDS has infected 1,100 people on the island currently. In 2021, 50 new infections were discovered.

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