Based on a variety of stronger epidemiological indications, the Covid-19 situation in Indonesia is now considered to be entering an endemic phase.

“Has Indonesia reached the stage of endemicity?” Yes, Because the positive rate is generally less than 3%. “Hospital bed occupancy and death rates are also quite low,” remarked Prof. Zubairi Djoerban, Head of the PB IDI Task Force, in Jakarta on Wednesday (8/6/2022).

He believes that Indonesians have been aware of the term pandemic for more than two years, and that they are now also aware of the phrases transition and endemic.

According to Zubairi, an internal medicine specialist in hematology-oncology (cancer), the current Covid-19 situation has elicited a variety of reactions from the public, including speculation about whether Indonesia has entered the endemic stage, is still transitioning, or is already endemic but people are unaware.

In response to the query, Zubairi stated that the daily number of Covid-19 cases in the country has decreased significantly.

“As the month of June approaches, the number of cases in Indonesia has stayed consistently below 400. This is fantastic. According to, after declaring an endemic, the United States still has 70,000 cases every day.

The immunisation target for adults has been exceeded by more than 70%, according to Zubairi. “A little less senility would be nice.” Furthermore, a large number of boosters have begun to appear. Our immunisation coverage is also rather high when compared to other countries,” he noted.

When compared to neighbouring countries, Indonesia’s incidences rank significantly behind the average of Singapore, Malaysia, Australia, and, in particular, North Korea, which is presently rated first in the globe, according to Zubairi.

Despite Indonesia’s low transmission rate, Zubairi claims that only a few Covid-19 tests have been conducted in the nation.

“You are entirely correct. BOR, on the other hand, may be able to assist in the resolution of this issue. If the patient becomes critically unwell as a result of it, Covid-19 should be taken to the hospital. For a long period, the hospital had been neglected. He went on to say, “Our weekly positive rate is also good.”

The Eid 2022 homecoming events, according to Zubairi, had the potential to unleash a new wave of the Covid-19 epidemic, which had been feared by numerous groups, but this had not been confirmed. “We were a little concerned at first. Furthermore, tens of millions of people return home,” he added.

The number of instances has remained steady two months after the fast began. As a result, according to Zubairi, Indonesia has now reached endemic status.

He emphasised that Covid-19 is a changing condition. “Extremely chaotic,” says the narrator. As a result, there’s still a chance for an increase. “We must be cautious and follow all health regulations,” he stated.

Covid-19 will be present in the community for a long period, according to Zubairi, allowing for an increase in cases.

“However, because the vast majority of us have been properly vaccinated,” he added, “we will only cough and sneeze if we are infected.”

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