In every patient participating in the study of the novel cancer therapy, the disease was completely eradicated.

According to one of the experts who worked on the study, “This is the very first time that anything like this has ever occurred in the history of cancer.”

Dostarlimab, an investigational new medicine, was tested on a limited number of cancer patients during a clinical study, and the results showed that all 12 of the patients’ cancer had entirely vanished. The medicine was administered to all of the patients once every 3 weeks over the course of six months. All of the patients suffered from rectal malignancies that had not yet progressed to other parts of the body.

Researchers at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center in New York City were the ones responsible for carrying out the test. An oncologist named Dr. Luis Diaz, who participated in the research and was quoted in The New York Times, said that “this is the first time it has ever occurred in the history of cancer.”

According to the findings of the study, the medicine is effective not because it directly targets cancer itself but rather because it makes the immune system more aware of the presence of the malignancy. This procedure enables the patient’s own immune system to locate and eliminate the cancerous cells.

However, experts in the field of science have stressed that the medication in question should not be regarded a treatment for the disease. Because of the limited scope of the study, it is not possible to draw any indisputable inferences; hence, more investigation is required to better understand the potential of the medication.

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