A rural Japanese town had been looking forward to a $775 stimulus payment part of the coronavirus pandemic programme for the better part of April.

A municipal official’s oversight resulted in the entire $360,000 Covid relief budget for Abu ending up in the hands of a single low-income family. Police believe he gambled it all away, as he promised.

Yamaguchi Prefecture police said that Sho Taguchi, 24, had admitted to them that he lost the cash in online casinos after speaking with them. According to the official, Mr Taguchi was taken into custody following the revelation. It has been suggested that fraud has taken place.

Coronavirus relief funds have been misappropriated outside of Japan. Because of the widespread nature of fraud in the United States, the Justice Department has recently appointed a prosecutor for the crime.

There are rumours that an online gambler in Abu, a town with a population of 2,952, received a large portion of the Covid stimulus fund and used it to fund his gambling addiction. Residents of this seaside town are surprised that the case has received so much attention.

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