Outpatients suffering with Covid-19 getting suplimented with curcumin-piperine could significantly enhance their levels strength and reduce weakness, according to a recent study published in Trials by BMC. On the other hand, the biochemical and clinical parameters were unaffected by this treatment.

Pandemic of Covid-19 has grown to be a huge global issue, putting enormous strain on the health care system, the economy, and people’s social lives. There is presently no safe and effective treatment for this illness available. Anti-inflammatory curcumin has the potential to help in the management of Covid 19-related issues.

Researchers from Iran’s Critical Care Research Center and Anesthesia set out to see if curcumin-piperine supplementation had any effect on severity, clinical symptoms, duration, and inflammatory variables in patients with Covid-19. This was done in the context of the previous information of a gap of medicine for Covid-19.

The researchers sought the help of 46 outpatients who had been diagnosed with Covid-19. Two curcumin-piperine capsules, each containing 500mg of curcumin and 5mg of piperine, were administered to the participants for 14 days. Others were given placebo capsules.

The findings from this study proved that the two groups of patients had significantly different blood counts, blood glucose levels, kidney functions, liver enzyme levels. Further the scientists observed a fast recovery from all Covid-19 related symptoms, like cough, muscular pain, sore throat and weakness.

Despite the promising results, further testing, increased groups and longer duration is necessary to scientifically prove that curcumin-piperine is truly a Covid-19 cure.

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