He had been spending a few hours unwinding and resting on the Titan when he passed out and slumped to the ground in Code Blue. It occurred on June 2 at around 2:00 p.m. to an Italian citizen of 50 years of age who went into cardiac arrest as he was enjoying lunch outside in the Monte Cerreto Park.

In order to provide first aid to a person who was 50 years old, several visitors who seemed to be nurses performed a heart massage on the victim. Then, the quick action of the health professionals of the 118 of San Marino with the ambulance and the medical car: the guy was defibrillated on the spot and throughout the trip by ambulance, and he was taken to the Infermi Hospital in Rimini in less than half an hour.

An illustration of the incredible effectiveness with which the crew of the International Space Station’s First Aid responded to a circumstance in which the passage of time had a critical role in determining the outcome of the patient’s life.

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