In the most recent sequencing of 341 samples collected between March 8 and April 3 in Mauritius, several Omicron variant sub-variants were discovered. The sub-variants are readily present on the island. Despite this, both the acceptance and positivity rates are still low. Since a sexagenarian’s death, which happened throughout the week, was not directly linked to Covid 19, the fatality rate is nil for this week.

In South Africa, a fresh wave of these sub-variants has emerged, as documented by Mauritius. This subvariant was found in 27 homes and 5 travellers; the BA.5 variant was found in just three of those locations. This set of 341 samples also includes BA.1 and BA.2, which impact a total of 16 locals, 2 travellers, and a single Rodriguan, respectively, in this batch. Three local examples, however, consist of the subvariants BA.1 and BA.2, which are a combination.

A total of 93 residents and 50 visitors were found to be positive in PCR testing during the course of the week. And on Friday, 25 more instances were found to be positive. In the five regional hospitals, there were 5 admissions. A total of 12 patients were admitted to the New ENT Hospital, including one who was being kept under general monitoring and eleven who were receiving oxygen. There are four unvaccinated, four vaccinated, and three vaccinated but not fully vaccinated. The New ENT Hospital has three admissions for this Friday, May 20, while the district hospitals have two admissions..

Booster Dosage I was administered to 634,180 people, including 8,810 at Sinopharm, 240,198 at Johnson & Johnson, ,, 265,158 at Pfizer,  2,825 at Astra Zeneca, and 102,433 at Moderna, for a total of 1,009,092 persons who have received their first dose and 976,006 who have received their second. Pfizer inoculates 6,692 persons, Moderna 127, Johnson & Johnson 5 and Sinopharm 1 for Booster Dose II. The first dosage of Pfizer was given to 75,209 teenagers, while the second was given to 69,977.

After the first treatment, 73.13 percent of the Rodrigues population received the second and 14,756 received the third.

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