In Bosaso, Puntland, Qatar Charity (QC) built a health centre. The facility has the potential to assist 10,000 impoverished residents in the area.

Other authorities in attendance included Bosaso mayor Abdelghani Ahmed Ismail, Puntland health ministry undersecretary Sayeed Mohamed Warabi, and others.

Reproductive health, medical exams, emergency care, immunizations, a lab, radiography, pharmacy, and service facilities are all available at the centre.

The health services provided by the centre will improve health by lowering infectious and endemic sickness rates, as well as maternal and child mortality.

According to Warabi, the QC is making a significant contribution to Somalia’s health sector, particularly in Puntland, where numerous health centres have been built in a number of cities, assisting with the provision of health services to individuals living in rural and remote areas.

Ismail, the mayor of Bosaso, thanked Qatar’s benefactors and the QC for putting this project together, saying the area needed it because the nearest health centre was 5 kilometres away.

The opening of the health centre coincides with a health-care shortage that has resulted in a threefold increase in hospital visits.

The QC erected five health facilities in Puntland, Galmudug, Somalia’s southwest, and Banadir last year.

In addition, nine delivery and maternity facilities are being built. On health programmes, QC and Somalia’s health ministry have collaborated.

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