Another fatality associated with Covid was reported during the last week. 107 people have lost their lives due to the virus since the epidemic first began.

In the last week, there has been one more fatality on the Isle of Man that has been documented as being associated with Covid-19.

This is what the most recent report on weekly monitoring from the Department of Public Health says, according to the statistics.

It indicates that the total number of persons who have passed away as a result of the virus ever since the beginning of the epidemic is 107.

When the sample of data was obtained on the 31st of May, there were seven patients in the hospital who were infected with the virus.

During this time, there have been 18 instances of confirmed positive tests on average during the last week.

Since last week, the reproduction rate of the virus, often known as the “R Number,” has decreased to 0.77 from 0.86.

According to the latest information from Public Health, case numbers have either decreased or plateaued across all age categories.

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