Prof Nurmat Atabekov, Acting Head of the Hygiene and Epidemic Welfare and Public Health System, responded to a query concerning monkeypox spreading in a number of nations.

“Monkeypox has been found in 14 states, as per the WHO,” N. Atabekov said. – In instance, the number of those affected is nearing 90, with another 30 persons suspected of being affected. There were no fatalities reported.

Yesterday and today, the infection didn’t even appear. It was discovered 52 years ago in the Republic Of congo. In Central and West Africa, there have been several unusual incidences of infection.

In the majority of cases, monkeypox is said to be transmitted to people by monkeys. People who visited decrease the incidence and came into contact with animals were the most likely to contract the disease.

On May 7, the virus began to spread over the world. It was discovered in a visitor from Nigeria who had flown in.

A unique rash was used to diagnose it. Following that, it was revealed that approximately ten persons in this country had been infected with the virus.

Cases of monkeypox infection have yet to be reported in Uzbekistan. Currently, based on WHO recommendations, the required precautions are being taken to prevent the illness from entering our country.

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