Patients are now being treated with music therapy at the Katutura hospital’s Chines clinic section. The therapy is one of many Chinese medications that are already used in this clinic. Its goal is to use five music scales, sometimes known as the five phases of music therapy, to analyze and cure mind-body illness.

According to Dr. Zhou Haijiang, the medical group’s team leader, music is employed as part of traditional Chinese medicine, and his team is pioneering the use of music as a treatment therapy.

He also stated that it has lately been introduced at Katutura Hospital’s improved Chines clinic. He urged Namibians to visit the institution and take advantage of this one-of-a-kind treatment.

The therapy takes place in the Katutura State Hospital during a 20-minute session, during which the individual lies down peacefully while receiving acupuncture while listening to music through headphones. He claims that various musical genres focus on five distinct organs: the liver, heart, spleen, lung, and kidney.

“For example, we use ‘jue’ for the liver,” he explained, adding that the treatment is useful to endocrine patients.

According to Zhou, Chines Medicine Music Therapy (CMMT) was popular during the 2022 Winter Olympics in Beijing, which took place in February.

“CMMT has been shown to be effective in preparing athletes for the many activities that take place during the games. In China’s hospitals, it’s also extensively used “He made a point.

In the meanwhile, Zhou emphasised his wish for CMMT to become as popular in Namibia as acupuncture.

“We intend to make other Traditional Chines Medicines-(TCM) procedures as well,” he said, adding that all TCM therapies are safe and have no bad side effects.

Zhou and his colleagues, who have been in Namibia since July 2021, hope that Namibians would think about and embrace the recently introduced CMMT, which will be combined with other TCM to help with disease treatment and the promotion of a healthy lifestyle.

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