The Health Ministry of St Lucia has updated the revised protocol which positive Covid patients must follow. This new notification mandates patients to test themselves at a  private facility or a respiratory clinic, in addition to furnishing some new information. 

This update is in connection with the 6th wave of Covid, which the country is going through right now. 

Dr. Delphina Vernor, the District Medical Officer, stated that testing points will now collect new information such as vaccination status, work location, school and grade, and e-mail address. 

To make testing more effective, the Ministry has introduced initiatives such as disclosing the test results via email or phone by a Health Officer connected with the testing point. Patients will also get a set of guidelines they must follow if they turn out to be positive. 

The Ministry directs the patients to inform the concerned superior authority such as the schools, employees, and relatives of their Covid results. 

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